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Friday, April 9, 2004

My 22nd Birthday

For all of you who are asking here is the full run down of my birthday:

I had the Golden Key International Honour Society Honorary members breakfast with the ECU Chancellor, Vice-Chancellor and other honorary members plus the committee at Observation City. This year we had it in the stunning Ocean View Room a beautiful venue. It was a great event as usual thanks to Kim Beckett's organisational skills. Our Administration Advisor spoke on marketing and it was really interesting, he had a few case studies about businesses in Perth over the last few years. I also got to see some of my friends wedding photos!

Mum and I then headed to Koorong and managed to get a parking spot right at the front door. As Perth people know this is quite an accomplishment. We then headed to Harbour Town for a bit of shopping. I got a lovely pinstriped jacket for work, some new sunnies, gloves and a couple of shirts.

In the afternoon I cooked a cake to take to work. I was also present with two handmade cards from Lauren and Caitlin.

I had a great day on Thursday too - but ended it by slamming my head in the door of the car. OK, what actually happened was that the car door closed while I as getting in (I still have a sore head 24hrs & three Panadols later!). Never mind!

Good Friday

We had a great day today, we managed to remove the sliding door to the laundry and put in our new washing machine - it is so quiet!

Nan and Pop came over for lunch which is also fun. Showing them the new things we have got in the last few months just reminds me how blessed we are! Of course lunch was delicious we had hot cross buns (plain and chocolate), Easter eggs and cake for dessert. We topped it off with a walk to the Helena River. At the moment there is one puddle - never mind, winter is on its way.


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