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Sunday, June 6, 2004

As I haven't written lately I have quite bit to tell you all!

The latest development at Whitties is our short film festival - Reel Life Film Festival. Michael is working on at least one entry - I can't wait to see it!

Our Life group has taken to having bring and share themed dinner at the end of the month, the first being Italian (complete with authentic home made biscottis and tira misu, oh, did I mention I was a dessert girl?) at our house and the second a beautiful spread of Mexican. With the good cooks in our group (not to mention a home economics teacher) it looks like a great trend!

Creative ministries rehearsals are still a highlight of my week, I am play "keys 2" or the backing keyboard part at Whitford.

I finally received my Mander Jones certificate & got dressed up for the photos. You can see the results online soon - well soonish! I'll blog when I put up the photos.

I had the best weekend on the 24th and 25th of April. For starters my friend Kyleigh & I went out for lunch at Room 19 and then shopping at Koorong. Ky bought some books while I enjoyed browsing. Ky reads a lot more than me - well I just read journals etc and proofread stories by Mike & Lauren. Ok, I do read other books but as I've still not read Return of the King by Tolkien, I've got a way to go to catch her!

Any how Room 19 was better than I expected and not too crowded. Ky and I were impressed by the all WA produce, it was delicious! The bread was very fresh & tasty; I had the beef fillet, cooked just to my liking. Of course we tried their chocolate fondue (Margaret River Chocolate Factory Chocolate) was served with Turkish delights, honeycombs and strawberries with a lit candle underneath the fondue to keep it warm. Amanda personally served our fondue - and she is just a likeable as she seemed on television.

We were blessed by having Brooke Fraser play at our Church on Anzac day Sunday was wonderful too performed and led a few songs. She was in Perth supporting John Mayer. She has a gorgeous voice and is a skilled guitarist as well. Then we went to Nan & Pops for a family lunch… then back to Sunday Shift - I played "keyboard 2" with Mike B on "keyboard 1"

Mother's day was lovely, dad and I were rostered on playing in the AM service, so Mum didn't get a sleep in but we did manage a few gifts - the highlight being a new mobile phone, which she has mastered wonderfully well.

The 15th of May was the second ever HerNights - Mum, Lauren, Kyleigh and I enjoyed chocolate fondue, served by our lovely waiters - yes that mean you Josh, a little of Lauren Carroll's life story among an array of other interesting and fun features.

I've got nearly two months before head into another semester of Uni, this time Project Management, Professionalism & Ethics. This is a subject with no exam (hooray) but it does include a large group project (prayer appreciated on this one!). I've now got 3 units to do - after this one the last two should be easy!


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