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Saturday, November 20, 2004

I have some exciting news. I have recently been appointed as Senior Corporate Records Officer at the State Library of WA. This is a great opportunity for me and recognises my skills gained in my previous job as Classifier at UWA. This position will see me supervising 2 staff which will be a great experience as well as managing the records section of the State Library.

I will be working in the Alexander Library Building but I'm not sure exactly where yet. I start on the 29th of November.

I also got my pocket PC and have got it all working - now to get some bluetooth headphones. I am going to save up to get them. Headphone wires have got to be the dodgiest wires know to man. Even my Sony headphones died in less than two years!

Tuesday, November 2, 2004

Melbourne Cup!

Answers to FAQs

Yes I did go in the $2 sweep

No my horse (On A Jeune) did not win me anything

Yes I did wear a hat

No we did not have a hat competition (nor did anyone else wear a hat)

Archives and Records hosted a lovely lunch at the Irwin Street Building with the rest of the Secretariat, some members of the Registrar's Office plus a few extras.

Archive & Records were in desperate need for a snappy name for our yet to our "Generic Record Keeping Application." So we ran a competition for the new name, with the winner to be announced at the Melbourne Cup lunch.

My entry was UReKA = University Record Keeping Application... And guess what? I won the competition! So not only did I gain the respect of the entire luncheon party in one fell swoop but I gained a large box of Maltesers! (I must add they were beautifully wrapped too!)

To see photos of my hat - look here


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