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Friday, July 2, 2004

I've been on leave this week which has been good. I have been shopping, tidying, organising, practicing piano and finishing off my Creative Memories album for - except that I am still not 100% (I had three days off sick last week)

Sunday our life group had a English Sunday Roast themed lunch at the Carbins new home in Joondalup. It was a cold day to the roast went down exceptionally well.

Daniel has just got a job at Unisys West as a Analyst Programmer this is a permanent position which involves working at the Department of Justice in Mt Lawley initially. He started on the 30th of June with a full day induction at their West Perth site and a tour of a couple of other sites.

Jess Davey & Ben Dufty have asked me to play piano at the wedding which is all very exciting - so I am practicing away!

I've uploaded the photos of Mander Jones Award and Stephanie. Now you know why I am taking up a bit too much space on the server at ALIA :)


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