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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Almost 9 months

IMG_1984During your 8th month you…

Became a speedy crawler

Said mum a couple of times

Can make a fishy sound

Started attempting to wave

Can pull yourself up to stand, and then often fall because to try to walk off or grab something.

Are keen to eat a variety of foods each day – especially if you can feed yourself.

Find Emily absolutely hilarious, and won’t even feed if she comes in to check on you when you wake up.

Love playing with (or poking and prodding) other children (especially babies). You loved looking at the photo of a baby on your Christmas present box, and even brought Humpty over to tell him all about the baby too.

LOVE chips, lasagne, milk arrowroots (or any biscuits really!) and bananas.

Weighed 9.2kg and were 75cm long.


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