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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Digi Dares: My Personality

2011 06 15 Personalities_600
Our Lifegroup did the Smalley personality test last week and then I saw the current Digi Dare, so I just had to scrap this page!


I didn’t come up with any obvious type, but Beaver and Lion were strong. Attention to detail and strong-willed, bold leadership combined!

Melancholic sanguine

This has remained the same since year 7 when I did my first ever test. I also took one in year 12 and  one on the web the other day. As usual my weakness is my Sanguine inability to stay quiet! My strengths come from the Melancholic side (the creativity is great, but perfectionism is something I struggle with). The rest of my strengths are mix of Choleric and Sanguine (I’d say my love of leading and communicating fits in there). I am completely unphlegmatic! I think I spent most of my time repressing the Sanguineness to a level that is socially acceptable, without allowing the depression of Melancholy to set in.
Wikipedia summarises it thus:
  • sanguine quick, impulsive, and relatively short-lived reactions. (hot/wet)
  • phlegmatic a longer response-delay, but short-lived response. (cold/wet)
  • choleric short response time-delay, but response sustained for a relatively long time. (hot/dry)
  • melancholic (Also called "Melancholy") long response time-delay, response sustained at length, if not, seemingly, permanently. (cold/dry)[6]
…Also, the melancholy and sanguine would be sort of "opposites", as the choleric and phlegmatic, since they have opposite traits.


This test has bobbed around quite a bit, I took two at Uni, one in the year 2000 and one a couple of years later. The second time I took the test I scored ENTJ. I think ENTJ does describe my learning style – lots of questions and a desire to be the best, and my attitude to confrontation (that it can be a helpful and even enjoyable way to learn about others’ points of view and get yours across). The first time I did the test I got an INTJ, which I’m not sure describes me, but there’s that learning through arguments again!
Now my results came back as ENFj – I like that an artist is one of the occupations suggested for this type! I’ve italicised where I identify with this description – interest.
Ethical-Intuitive Extratim - ENFj (The Actor)
Based upon original work by Victor Gulenko with some alterations
ENFjs often have slim arms, legs and torso. They look rather slow and relaxed, especially among friends. However, there are ENFjs that are very nimble but they tend to suffer from a lack of co-ordination, giving the impression that they do it deliberately. ENFjs often have big, straight, sharp noses. Their eyes usually have a melancholy look about them and at the same time have that obsessed shine that shows a great emotional charge.
ENFjs usually hold their heads up straight, often giving the impression that they are looking above the heads of others. This can lead others to believe that ENFjs are arrogant people. ENFjs clothes are usually badly matched [Mum will attest to my agony over learning to chose my own clothes!]. There is often one particular detail that catches the eye and is completely out of place with the rest. They are well aware of this and therefore pay close attention to their wardrobe and are suspicious of any outside evaluation.
ENFjs enjoy the company of people who give off plenty of positive emotions. They like and in fact need to laugh in order to discharge the emotional energy that accumulates within. Their own emotions are of a dramatic nature, which they try hard to control. Sometimes, however, ENFjs can unexpectedly explode attracting unwanted attention to themselves.
ENFjs always warn others about impending trouble. They often dramatise reality a little too much as they seem to see the world in shades of grey. When interacting, they are sometimes parasitic and intrusive with their opinions and comments. ENFjs often express their true opinions during conversation as they find it difficult to keep them to themselves. They will often talk to themselves even if there are many people around.
ENFjs posses the ability to be great orators as they know how to paint speeches in many colours and how to keep the attention of the listener. Besides containing dramatic emotions, their speeches often contain sharp sarcasm and powerful bitterness. ENFjs know well how to combine humour with tragedy. As a result their narratives are always breathtaking.
ENFjs are inclined to trust only official published information. However they like gossip and discussing the details of peoples private lives, especially famous people, movie stars etc. ENFjs like to fantasise, often developing the same subject over a period of time. They also have the ability to persuade others that their opinions are right. Their completed projects are global in comparison to what they were when they were began. They have also tendency to create problems where there are not any and moreover to convince others of it.
ENFjs respect hierarchy and relate to people accordingly. If a person is in a lower position, their interaction can be cold and disrespectful. However, their behaviour towards someone in a higher position than themselves will be tactful and humble. They believe in the concept of leadership and leaders. ENFjs also have tendency to behave aristocratically. They can give the impression that they are from noble families [lol!]. At the same time they are very polite and correct.
ENFjs do not like to work if someone is there, observing them. They really do not like others to see how they manage their homes and day to day matters. Because of this they often send other people on missions with various instructions in order to get rid of them so they can work comfortably.
ENFjs have no problems undertaking very difficult tasks and projects or working long unsociable hours. ENFjs strongly believe that human potential is unlimited. They often believe in a wide range of mystical phenomena, religion, the evil-eye and omens. They like to spend some time alone in order to contemplate life and the role of humans. "To be or not to be" is a question that ENFjs may ask themselves regularly.

For those who know me, do you agree with these types to describe me? What about you? Do you like taking these kinds of tests? (Phill hates them!) Do you agree with the results?
PS I used some of the Digi Game goodies for this challenge!
Get Your Digi Game On

PPS for this interested the challenge was:
This week, we are scrapping our Personality Type. For you that might be a combination of letters from a Myers-Briggs assessment, or maybe your combination of The Four Temperaments. Or maybe you know you are a Type A vs. a Type B. Whatever your personality is, let’s scrap about it! What do these assessments say about you? What’s your type, baby? Do you agree with the results? Or no? Let’s journal it out!
Dare Flair:
  • Include your Personality Type in your title. Use an alpha to make it stand out. (For example, use an large alpha to spell out “ENTJ”).
  • Use a label sticker… but in an nontraditional way. Maybe it’s layered in with a ton of other elements on top of it. Maybe it’s clipped to something else. Use your imagination!
  • If choose to go photoless for this Dare, you need to journal like crazy all over your page–you should fill it up with your thoughts about what this personality test says about you or how it’s true in your life.
  • If you choose to use a photo, make sure that it’s a recent snapshot of yourself. Use a wooden or metal frame. (And you must still include journaling on your page–there’s no wiggling out of that!)
  • What color do you think best suits this description of your Personality Type? Work that color into your layout and make it the dominate hue on your page!
I did somewhat scraplift Nicole’s design with the lace and fabrics – I used a Scrapping with Liz template as the jumping off point and then added some Kitschy Digitals and Studio Tangie goodies. For colours I chose white for Melancholic and bright orange for Sanguine. I used the labels to add to the journalling describing my character traits – or the ones I have seen in these temperaments.
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StaceyJ said...

I'm on the Digi Dare team and I'd love to publish your layout in the July issue of The Artisan Notebook.  Please let me know if you are interested and I'll give you the details on where to send it.  You can find me at www.dsaguild.com - my name is Stacey Jewell Stahl. :)

Melissa Shanhun said...

Thanks Stacey - I'll be in touch! How exciting!

Claire Skeps said...

Oh this is beautiful!! Love all the details and the colors are perfect for the dare!

Paula Kesselring said...

Thanks for playing along with the dares !!!I really Love you LO !

Heather Bowen said...

Wow, wow, and wow! This is absolutely gorgeous Melissa and I'm so glad you decided to participate in the Digi Dare this week! Congrats on getting drawn - enjoy your shopping with the coupons! :)

Lauren Okely said...

Interestingly I'm apparently an INFj. I identified with a lot of the description too.

Deborah K said...

What a great idea.  The Myers-Briggs (Keirsey-Joiner) has fascinated me since the Navy gave me the test in 1982 before I started my schooling with them.  I tested as a ENFP my whole life.  Well, until this last year or so.  I've evolved into an Introvert over the years.  Or maybe I'm just coming out of my Navy "training" for personality?  I'm so going to scrap this.  A little late, but scrap just the same.  Thanks for the great idea!


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