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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Scrap Happy Blog hop: Buy some happiness #New52

scrap happy 3
I've been loving reading Stephanie's blog about the Scrap Happy project over at Scrapworthy lives, so I was thrilled when I found out she's got a blog hop going. You have probably found me from Kiss and Tell Scrapbooking.

This month the theme is:

Buying some happiness.

I have to say this is a hard one for me, as we are on a budget right now, but recently we invested some money in upgrading our computer, so it wouldn't constantly crash when I was scrapbooking (I'm a digiscrapper and a power user!). My husband encouraged me to just buy a new hard disk rather than go through the hassle and stress of trying to back everything up and reinstalling everything.

Of course I did have a few glitches (turning off my DVD drive in the bios and wondering why I couldn't install Windows, and having issues getting Windows 7 to activate) it was the best investment we could have made. My PC is running like a dream and I can just get things done!
20110702 New hard drive 01

I've also made this post my New 52 for the week - yes it's been a while since I posted one of them!
Now we are past half way in the year I’m still going strong with the New 52 challenge, thanks for running it Peppermint & Christine! I’m finding that looking out for new experiences is helping me appreciate that my life even more. I have to say I have many more draft posts, just waiting for me to finish them! Read more New 52 posts:
Want more of the Scrap Happy project?
Here’s the other blogs in the hop!
Have you bought some happiness lately? Let me know about it in the comments below.

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Katie Scott said...

I heard about that New 52 concept on the Paperclipping Digi Show from Katie Nelson - its try something new each week for 52 weeks?  right?  That is brilliant!  I want to give it a try and make a minibook to jot down my my experiences. 

And amen to computers working well :)

Tammy Dailor said...

That's a great splurge. You need a reliable computer to do what you do!!!  I'm trying not to buy new stuff right now too, so no splurges for me. :)

Stephanie Medley-Rath said...

We add memory to our laptops when they start to slowdown and that seems to help things out quite a bit and delay the death of the laptop. I've heard of these 52 challenges before. I think I would do better by focusing on 12 new things (one a month). If I do 52, it will probably take me 5 years! :)

Valerie Serfozo said...

Having a computer that works well isn't a splurge in my opinion, it's a necessity!  I would give up discretionary spending if needed to keep my computer going.  It's especially important if you're a digital scrapper.  I recently ordered some beautiful new sprays and embossing powders from Shimmerz, and I really love using them!

Amy Sotolongo said...

I have to have a running computer! Glad yours is working so well. I haven't heard of the New 52...sounds interesting! 

Kimberlee said...

Yay for computers running like they should.  :)  I wish I could have kept up with the new 52.  I'm with Stephanie and think I could *maybe* do 12.  LOL.  

Melissa Shanhun said...

I really can't keep up with all the new things I've been doing this year! I do look for new things - not just things i think up to do. Sometimes I just overlook new things in my life and I love that this challenge keeps me mindful about it!


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