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Monday, February 14, 2005

OK - what is a large bright blue shipping container doing here? It is obscuring the entrance to the library... hang on a minute - The UWA Perth International Arts Festival! I see, it is a very interesting form of publicity, you can probably see if from the Beaufort & Roe Street lights. Oh well, it seems wherever I work I still can't escape PIAF. I sorted PIAF programs at the City of Perth Public Library, I classified PIAF documents at UWA, I index PIAF invitations at the SLWA. In fact this year I was almost in the opening 1000-voice choir!
Hmm, maybe I should at least go and visit the PIAF art exhibition "Transcendence" :)
Yours from PIAFed Perth... Lissa
Oops, that's right it should be UWA PIAF! M

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