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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Perfume anyone?

Well, Ky and I had a lovely morning, we went off to a perfume party. How could I not go when it included chocolate fondue? (For those of you seeing me tomorrow my apologies in advance - I tested 4 perfumes!)

Apart from the chance to catch up Ky also brought my pressie and photos of my birthday dinner (and the ball she and Russ went to). All in all it was a very fun morning...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It's 12:25. I'm sitting at my desk. I could email you, but I've done that at least half a dozen times this morning. Am up to record 1066 of 4258 in that review file.

Update this page! I'm running out of things to do that don't involve cataloguing!!! I may actually have to open my DDC this afternoon unless I can find something else to do. My fate rests in your hands Mel!

And have you noticed that I managed to go for two whole paragraphs without mentioning Pete...? Almost made three para's but oh well. There's always Monday. :)

Love Sal.


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