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Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Day in Photos Explained

Many of you were interested in a little more about this day…

  Emily cleaning bunny’s ears with the Audiclean
  Daddy and Emily eating pears – Daddy taught Emily how to cross her legs
Emily inspecting the new lounge suite. Yes, Phill and I finally both liked the same one – and once I got over the fact it’s leather and very pale cream, I’m loving it and the adjustable head rests!
  After about two weeks without uploading my Nike+ I made it to green level with 15kms uploaded on one day! Smile
Emily fast asleep in her “new bed” we had the new sheets but the bed came out of storage a few days later.
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Shoshonee said...

I love the photo of Emily cleaning her bunnies ears. Hubby and I both laughed at the caught look on her cute face.

Kim said...

It's fun to see a glimpse into your day and life! The explanations are helpful. I think I'll do that, too. Looks like you've moved into your new house. Congrats!


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