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Monday, May 21, 2012

Nearly three

Emily's quotes of the day:

Wednesday: Xavier is Edward's best friend.
Elyse was very kind to let me play with the phone.

We can talk about that later (when I asked her about dance during her tv show - a rare chance to watch tv in the last month!)

Saturday: On arriving home after swimming: I can't see my Mummy and baby Edward (we weren't in the family room)

I don't need anyone to come with me at swimming - I am in the big girls class.

Sunday: We have friends whoever I. mt Barker, they have two dogs, Tiny and Sophia.
Daddy: What are their names?
Emily: Ben and Becky

Monday: Peppa pig is a pig.

Having a Mum with 3 doctors appointments a week and then all the excitement of a new baby brother and lots of visitors has been pretty exhausting for her. We are gradually returning to normal, or rather defining the new normal with two little ones. It's so lovely to hear Emily say "I'll just check on baby Edward" when he cried and that she gives him a little kiss On the head before bed and when she gets up.


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