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Monday, October 1, 2012

You at 3


You wanted to help sweep up the circles (aka skirting board)

You love your baby brother, especially when he laughs! You call him My baby Edward

Asked for my ‘activity box’ (nativity scene) and remember about the advent calender a few weeks ago. You asked me for the doors that open up with Jesus and Mary and Joseph and presents for the baby in them.

You have taken well to your new glasses, though we are just not so sure how much you can’t see without them, for eg hats on the floor in the games room!

Eye patching is a challenge, but you eye are growing stronger every day!

You were so thrilled to head to the beach at 7am this morning with Daddy, you got dressed in record time. You have been so happy telling me that you got to build 2 sandcastles and go into the beach water two times!

I love you sweet girl

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