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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother’s Day 2011

Mother's Day 2011I really enjoyed mothers day morning this year – a little different from last year when Phill was on sound at church and I had to get a little almost one year old ready by myself!

This year I had scrambled eggs and tomatoes made for me, but Phill and Emily’s plan for bringing me breakfast in bed was thwarted when I got up too early (well 7:15ish).

Emily absolutely loved the card Daddy bought for her to give to me, but had some trouble saying happy mothers day. It’s been a busy month for happy wishes:

  • 7th April – Happy Birthday Mummy. Emily still often says that if she gives me something! Like the letters for eg!
  • 24th April – Happy Easter Mummy (Daddy missed out on that one)
  • 5th May – Happy Ann-versary Mummy (and this one too!)
  • 8th May – Happy Bir- Mothers Day

Such a sweet little girl!

We managed to sit through church happily, though Emily insisted I stop singing! lol Harsh!

Emily ate lunch then had her sleep, then Phill headed off to his Aunt’s place to get some plants for our garden! Les was pulling out some Shasta daisies, agapanthas and gardenias, so we happily took them to plant by the side of our house. We are keeping all the plants together to make watering easier until we get the landscaping done. We were pushing it for time, but By 2:30 Phill and I were ready to go so we woke Emily, who ws still fast asleep!

219091_1951315593724_1567671281_2061910_1990615_oEmily was excited to learn that it was finally time to go out and see the Okelys. Of course Grandma Okely was the guest of honour, but Emily was looking forward to seeing the other rellies too! We enjoyed high tea, had the best time chatting and my brothers took some gorgeous photos!


Just beautiful.


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Cheryl Okely said...

Thank you it was a beautiful treat :)


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