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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The 30 Day Facebook/LoveBook Challenge

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One of my friends on Facebook invited me to this challenge and I liked the idea so much I had to share it with you.
Ok, I'm issuing a Facebook Challenge.

So much of our lives, especially on Facebook, is all about us. Heard a message (twice!) by Penny Webb at Riverview that got me thinking; its time we focus on others instead of ourselves.

So starting at the beginning of next month, I will be taking the challenge of updating my Facebook status with a positive, true and encouraging comment about somebody else who I know. They'll be tagged in the comment, and if you agree with the encouragement, like it and/or comment on. One click at the encouragement multiplies. One click that could change someone's day, or even their life.

It'll be a different person everyday, for 30 days. Here's the catch; I challenge you to do the same. One status a day that's not about you're own status. One sentence a day where instead of posts that boast about ourselves, we 'love on' other people.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, tag the person in the post using '@' otherwise they won't receive you're encouragement!

I encourage you to get on board, because it will change your life, and just could change someone else's life too.

Check it out and join the 30 day Love Book challenge with me!

I'm in for the month of June - and while you are over at Facebook why not check out my Scrapbooking Classes page too?

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