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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Edward at 7.5 weeks

You are starting to enjoy time on your mat. Lifting your head, kicking around and even playing with your toys.
You love to look to see new and familiar voices. You especially love Daddy and Emily talking to you.
You are 'a happy little boy' as Emily would say and are quite good about going to sleep in your own bassinet.
You have slept 8 hours once, but more usually do 6, 3, and 2 hours at night.
You are blessed with lots of relatives who love to visit and I am often stopped when we are out by people who comment on your gorgeous blue eyes and how alert you are.
You are very good in the car, but when it's time for a feed or nappy change you have quite a good cry on you!
You are starting to enjoy family dinners and manage to stay awake for tea time now.
Bath time is also a favourite and you love to hold Emily's hand while Daddy washes you. In the trough you stretch out to touch the ends and like to look at the taps.
I love you my little boy.

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Owen Everett said...

Greaat reading your post


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