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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Blue and Green should never be seen…

color comboWelcome to the Color Combo Blog Hop!
If you arrived from Digi Page blog you are in the right place! If you are here and didn’t come from the previous blog, I am listing the hop below my post so you can go start back at the beginning if you wish.
We were all challenged to come up with a crafty project using the colour scheme on the left, from Inspired Bride. Stylish!
2010 07 09_Sarah and Joel Wedding_0003

Card 1

Today I’m going along with the wedding theme and highlighting a card I made for a couple of weddings with this basic colour scheme. I used the card technique from Jessica Sprague’s Computer Tricks for Cards class I took last year.
So I didn’t manage to sneak the mustard in there, but I think the scheme is near enough!
The first card I made by the book. Using a dry brushing and bubble wrap plastic effect in pale blue then printing on the flower design and adding the embellishments. I used teal vellum, rather than coloured cardstock.  I also only had narrow ribbon so I took two the light green ones and laid them side by side, then layered the deep teal one over the middle.

Card 2

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA           Rather than using paint, for the second version I used a deep teal ink over an embossed cardstock. I also only had narrow ribbon (again!) so I took two deep green ones and laid them side by side, then layered the lighter brown one over the edges.
Again I laid paper (brown mulberry paper) over the white cardstock card.
This time I used a stamp and handwrote the couples’ initials on the accent piece.
Which card do you prefer?
Want to see more? Head on over to Alysse's blog to continue on this fabulous colour combo hop!
Happy Hopping!!
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KMercer517 said...

Beautifully done~love the color combo~works with any theme!!!! 

Carrie said...

Pretty cards!

Alysse said...

Your cards are absolutely gorgeous! 

Joanne said...

The teal but both work so well - we'll forgive you for no mustard :0) 

Irene Fitzpatrick said...

They're both lovely! Slightly prefer no.2 the best! I did that JS class too. Nice to see someone else using the techniques. 

leslie.clayton1 said...

Love the way you have interpreted the colour schemes on your fabulous cards.  They are both great. 

Kirsty A said...

 Theses are both so classy. Lovely

Josowerby said...

my personal favourite is the 2nd one just cos i like the embossed paper and inking. however i love the subtlety of colour in the 1st one as well,
Jo xxx

Sara G. said...

 Great cards!  I love the second one :)  

Rebekah said...

Both of your cards are beautiful; if I had to chose, the first one is neat!

Susanne said...

Lovely cards - such a simple striking design.  Well done.

Heather Mayfield said...

 I love both cards, but the second is my favorite. I am enjoying being in the hop with you.

Valerie said...

Your cards are amazing. I really love what you've done with the embossed image in the second card.

Amy said...

 I love the 2nd card with that lovely background image!!! Nice job!!

Margie S said...

Lovely cards. Perfect for a wedding. I especially like the second card - looks elegant and understated. Love that mint green circle - perfect touch.


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