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Monday, June 20, 2011

A fresh start for Memory Keepers in July






Would you like to have a fresh start for your memory keeping without waiting til January 1 2012 –then the Memory Logbook is for you.

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA           In an aim to simplify my life in 2010, I decided to combine my scrapping ideas, monthly round-up, diary and journal into one and so the Memory Logbook got put on my wishlist for Christmas 2009. Phill bought the printable version for me and it sits on my desk. After 18 months later, I’m using the new half-year printed version, and still loving it! I’m planning events on the notes pages, smashing bits and pieces of receipts, business cards –writing my monthly summariesSANYO DIGITAL CAMERA           for a quick and simple overview of our year, events and snippets of life for future journalling and being inspired by the weekly challenges.

It’s not too late to start recording your memories, the half year Memory Logbook starts July 1, so those empty pages won’t haunt you! Whether you use it a scrapbooking prompt, a journal or an day planner, the fully customisable Memory Logbook will work for you.

Why not check out the Memory Logbook 2011: July to December Download or the Memory Logbook 2011: July to December Print Edition to get started on recording your memories!

If you don’t mind having a few blank pages, or you want to smash in your memorabilia from the months already gone, along with notes and more, then check out the half year sale! A couple of items are on sale!

All of the 2011 Sale ends at midnight (MDT) on Thursday, June 30, 2011

Kristin will be discontinuing the 2011 line will be discontinued soon after the sale ends in preparation for the 2012 series, so buy now! Interested? You can take an extra 10% off with Coupon Code: HALFYEAR10

Memory Logbook - July to December 2011

Want to see more about my Memory Logbook?

How do you record bits of life for your scrapping? I love having an all in one tool to help me capture the little things.



Diane said...

Thanks for stopping by Simple Aussie Girls. We would love you to join in. 
I like the sound of this memory log book. Last year I did Project Life and missed out on the kit this year and am missing not doing it...thin might be the answer till next year :)

Elsi Compton said...

Arrqqq!  I couldn't resist.  Didn't find the downloadable July-December, but went ahead and purchased the whole year downloadable ... and the travel journal bundle with the scrapbooking templates. 


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