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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Mozzies attack

On the 28th of November 2010, I started writing this post…

On the 21st of Januray 2011, I wish I had followed my own advice.

I was innocently waving goodbye to Phill’s brother at about 9pm last night, just 5 mosquito bites made me violently ill. Was the busy week, pregnancy and tiredness as factor? Perhaps?

Over the years I’ve found the insect repellents to make me itchy, ineffective and I come up with hives anyway. Then I found Bayer’s roll on repellent! Then they discontinued it!

Aerogard Odourless pump pack is my weapon on choice now. I can wear it happily for several hours.


Tips and tricks

  • Don’t go outside after 4pm without bug spray on! (Especially near water, damp gardens or on humid nights)
  • Do allow yourself to be ‘rude’ and stay inside rather than wave goodbye (reminder to myself – I often forget this! No one really minds if you say goodbye at the door)
  • Do drink lots of water
  • Do take it slowly
  • Don’t let people convince you the mozzies aren’t all that bad!

I am thankful for my husband, mum and the locum Doctor who cared for me. I am thankful I didn’t end up in hospital.

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