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Friday, January 6, 2012

You are never too late! Memory Logbook 2012

Think it's too late to start recording your memories for 2012?
Never! Last year I didn't get to start my logbook till late January and I still love 2011's Logbook and all the stories I recorded!
In an aim to simplify my life in 2010, I decided to combine my scrapping ideas, monthly round-up, diary and journal into one and so the Memory Logbook got put on my wishlist for Christmas 2009. My husband bought the printable version for me and it sits on my desk. After 18 months later, I’m using the new half-year printed version, and still loving it! I’m planning events on the notes pages, smashing bits and pieces of receipts, business cards –writing my monthly summaries for a quick and simple overview of our year, events and snippets of life for future journalling and being inspired by the weekly challenges. I created a whole scrapbook album in 5 weeks using my Memory Logbook to prompt the journalling and help me find photos.

For 2011, I printed my own copy from the downloadable version and created my own cover and dividers.

I'm a big fan of the Memory Logbook having used is for the last two years, and this year I'm on the design team!The 2012 edition is more streamlined than ever and I've already started recording my memories in there!
Here’s my video review of the Logbook and Challenge Book
See the Memory Logbook and Challenge Book in the flesh!

Want to learn more?

Here’s some more information from Log Your Memory
2012 Memory Logbook:
2012 Memory Logbook  Our one-of-a-kind journal, idea keeper, sketchbook and planner created especially for memory keepers!Useful for jotting down memories, thoughts & ideas as they occur in one easy-to-find place. Handy for later reference when scrapbooking or as your primary source of documentation, with room to jot down a daily gratitude or goal list, your food or fitness log, sketch layout ideas, attach photos, journal about your day, track your schedule, or just about anything else you wish to remember, track or log.
Use the 2012 Memory Logbook alone or as the perfect companion to our Real Life Scrapbooking Weekly Challenges books!

Real Life Scrapbooking Weekly Challenges: Time Capsule 

Capture your everyday real life through a complete year of memory keeping inspiration based on the theme: Time Capsule.
Real Life Scrapbooking Weekly Challenges: Time Capsule
Through our 52 Weekly Challenges, each beginning with a list of possible inspiration objects from your everyday life and supported with a list of questions to help you think about potential related stories, you will develop the habit of looking around you to find the inspiration for your memory keeping.Get added inspiration from the 52 never-before-published sample scrapbook layouts created by our awesome 2012 Memory Logbook Design Team, including both paper and digital scrapbook pages by designers hailing from 10 different countries!Get even MORE inspiration from weekly blog posts from those same designers throughout 2012, including behind-the-scenes looks at how they created their sample layouts and additional ideas to help you tackle each challenge yourself!
Check out Kindle edition: Real Life Scrapbooking Weekly Challenges

Familiar with prior Memory Logbooks?

Take note of the changes for 2012…
  • The Memory Logbook and Weekly Challenges are now two separate items… Use the 2012 Memory Logbook as your journal/calendar and our Real Life Weekly Scrapbooking Challenges with our new Time Capsule theme to get the inspiration you’re used to finding each week.
  • Purchase of each of the above books entitles you to special access on our website with extra resources to help you make the most of your book(s). This includes an email feed for Weekly Challenges book owners which will replace our current Memory Minder service.
  • In addition to our downloadable and coil-bound editions, we are now offering the Memory Logbook in a loose-leaf, unbound version for those of you who want the convenience of binding, rearranging or otherwise customizing your logbook without the hassle of printing it yourself.
  • All editions of the Weekly Challenges book are in FULL COLOR!!
  • The print version of the Memory Logbook now includes monthly tabbed dividers with small pockets for holding memorabilia, questionnaires and other loose items.
  • All editions of the 2012 Memory Logbook are full-year, and the calendar pages contain no holiday listings to better accommodate our international friends.

Want to start right now?

Did you know you can instantly download a PDF copy of the 2012 Memory Logbook today? You can print it out yourself and get started today!

Capture your everyday real life with the help of Log Your Memory!

Need a little more incentive?

For every purchase of the Memory Logbook you buy I'll give you a free workshop from my selection at Digital Scrapbooking HQ.

Just email me a copy of your receipt to melissa @ mshanhun.com

I hope you enjoy using it as much as I have!

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