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Monday, November 29, 2010

I signed up for Yesterday and Today with Ali Edwards

After listening to Pile on Ali, I was thinking I’d really love to take Yesterday and Today at Big Picture Classes. Here’s more about it from the Big Picture blog

Yesterday + Today
Ali Edwards | author and blogger
When we asked our BPC community to share their favorite workshops of all time, Ali Edward's Yesterday + Today is at the top of the list. We are therefore delighted to bring Ali and Yesterday + Today back to kick off our 2011 4Experts series. This information and inspiration packed course is dedicated to helping you tell your story, past and present. The New Year is brimming with fresh-start motivation and year-gone-by reflection and Ali will help you recognize and commemorate both as you compile a self-affirming life project that celebrates you in the context of your everyday life. Look forward to infusing your 2011 with all the things Ali believes in practicing: words + photos = scrapbooking, embracing imperfection, and going with the flow. You'll even tackle the tough questions like, "What stories are really going to matter 10, 20, 30 years from now?"
Join us in January, February and March for a remarkable journey with Ali Edwards. You can learn more about Ali at aliedwards.com.
Audio Message from Ali:  
After much thought, we decided to click on buy! I’ve already heard some of my online friends are taking the class, and of course in Pile on Ali Izzy wants us all to join in, so no doubt I’ll meet a lot of Roundtable listeners in the class. It should be fun!
This is my first “paid for” class at Big Picture, but I’ve participated in the Big Ideas Festival and done a couple of free classes and I like their style, so I can’t wait! Want to join me?
If you decide to register at Big Picture using my link and purchase your first class, we'll both receive a code for 10% off** your next order of your choice. Of course you can always just sign up and select from one of the free classes.
If you are looking to get a discount off your first class, listen to any recent Paperclipping Rountable episode for details. Ali also has a coupon code for Yesterday and Today on her Facebook page.
I’m excited to start the class, and I’ve just downloaded pre-workshop PDFs. I hope to blog about my progress on the class. So stay tuned people!
**Disclaimer: For each new account created with your Registration Code as a "friend", a 10% off code will be issued once the new account has purchased one class. Code will be available under "My Rewards". 10% off code can be used towards Self-Paced classes and Workshops. Code cannot be used towards gift certificate purchases. Melissa’s registration code is D952F179 - or click on http://www.bigpictureclasses.com/register.php?refer=D952F179

1 comment:

Anne said...

I took Ali's class last year and it was great! Even though I didn't make all the layouts that were suggested, it was thought provoking and I'm still thinking about it almost a year later. I hope you'll enjoy it!


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