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Friday, January 7, 2011

Are you Logging your Memory in 2011?

Memory LogbookThanks to the wonders of the postal system here in Australia I’m still scrawling in the back of my 2010 edition as I await my Log Your Memory January-June Print Edition.

After many years using Outlook and my PDA, I wasn’t sure if the Memory Logbook would work for me. But when Emily was little, it was great for jotting down all those note about feeding, sleeping and any little things she has been doing. In 2010 it sat on my desk, but the 2011 edition is much smaller and lighter, so I imagine I’ll take it out and about with me more this year. In 2010 I’ve been using my Memory Logbook for everything from a food diary, a sleep diary for my little girl and a day planner. Some days I journal in it, some days I list Emily’s new words, some days I just record the weather, or whatever takes my fancy really. It’s been invaluable for my December Daily project.

After seeing Stephanie’s Logbook cover I can’t wait to create something similar for my own when it arrives!

For those of you who are more tech savvy, there’s a great post about using the downloadable edition with your iPad.

Do you want to get started immediately with a downloadable logbook? If so I’ve got a 15% off coupon for you below – and could grab the Memory Logbook 2011: January to June Download right now for only $12.70 and start documenting your daily life and perhaps trigger ideas for memories, feelings, beliefs and experiences you might not otherwise think to document. The book can be used as a place to store information for later scrapbooking or it could easily be your sole source of memory-keeping, similar to a journal.

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What sort of diary are you using in 2011? Online, paper or a combination?


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