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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Memory Logbook Arrived!!


A couple of weeks ago my Log Your Memory January-June Print Edition arrived – it seems to have taken 2 months wandering aimlessly around the world!

2011-01-13_LYM-2011_0001_thumbAnyway I said goodbye to my pretty home made book and I’m tossing up what to do with the January pages. Perhaps I’ll just tear them out and staple them into the other book? Then I can reuse the cover for something else.

In the mean time I’m using my Logbook to note my hours for work (now the my uni tutoring has started again), time specific to dos, meal planner and daily diary/organiser.

While I’m on the topic, I just received an email about the latest product from Log Your Memory. 2010 Real Life Scrapbooking Yearbook

2010 Real Life Scrapbooking YearbookLog Your Memory's first Yearbook, including 365 layouts selected from our gallery during 2010 - one for every day of the year!

Layouts featured each month were chosen for their design as well as their ability to capture everyday, real life during that particular time of year. Also includes personal information and a larger-size layout from our Featured Artist each month, picked by the Log Your Memory community!

The 2010 Yearbook includes...

  • Monthly Sections - Tabbed divider pages (print edition only), followed by a quick reference page at the beginning of each month showing a numbered, mini version of every layout featured that month.
  • Monthly Featured Artists - Get to know our monthly Featured Artists, including a photo of the artist and a nearly full-size look at their chosen layout, as well the artist's favourite product designers, subjects to scrapbook and reasons for why they choose to scrap their everyday, real life.
  • Full-Colour Layouts - Every one of the 365 layouts featured in the Yearbook is in full-colour! These images are linked in the PDF edition to the original full-size layouts in our gallery.
  • Monthly Scrapbooking Ideas - A handful of ideas every month for scrapping your everyday, real life, gleaned from the layouts featured that month.
  • Layout Credits - A complete supply list for each layout featured.
  • Artist Index - Find all of the layouts featured by your favourite artists with this handy reference at the back of the book.

Special Note: The purchase of the coil-bound print edition of the 2010 Yearbook includes a coupon good for a free PDF download to go along with it!

Sounds fun – like having a gallery at your finger tips!


Want to know more about the 2011 Logbook?
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