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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Day 4: Lest We Forget #weekinthelife

Today was ANZAC Day, remembering those who have fought for our freedom and those who continue to do so.

We spent the early hours of the morning caring for our little girl who has come down with another cold (she eventually slept from about 4pm-2am, then 2:30-7:30am).

She’d emptied out the whole tissue box into her bed and was just happy to have some cereal and go back to bed at 2am. Mummy joined her for yoghurt and headed back to bed again too.

In the morning we left Daddy to sleep in and I did a bit of admin tidy-up for The Fathering Project and Fresh Styles. I’m trying to finish up all my work before baby number 2 arrives.

20120425 Neil Hawkins ANZAC day 76-5

We then headed to Neil Hawkins Park with our lifegroup. Emily was thrilled that all her friends were there.

20120425 Neil Hawkins ANZAC day 76-7

It was a lovely picnic, but I was wishing I still had cooler maternity clothes that actually fit! Only just over a week to go, so never mind! Thankfully none of us got sunburnt and Phill was finally able to pull out the Coke cricket bat and ball he’s be waiting to use (oh and they men kicked the footy as well).

20120425 Neil Hawkins ANZAC day 76-11

After a bit more work, I had a sleep and woke to find Phill and Steve had put together our newly repaired trampoline! (Thanks Mum!).20120425 Week in the Life 77-6

We finished the night with Phill’s home made pizza and Liz’s choc brownies. Phill even said he didn’t mind being in Week in the Life when the pizza looked this good!20120425 Week in the Life 77-5

After showing Steve Phill’s China trip pictures and moving a bit of furniture ready for the new baby, it was time to say goodnight.20120425 Week in the Life 77-8

I actually got a full night’s sleep on Wednesday night (well I only got up 3 times and went straight back to sleep).

My week so far…

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