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Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Eve

2010 12 24_Christmas Eve_0001We enjoyed a hot Christmas Eve mostly at home, all the presents were wrapped and ready over the weekend, so I even had some time to scrapbook!

Phill’s friend Ryan came past and agreed to lend us his trailer and cement mixer for our retaining wall project, and told us it should be done in 1/2 a day! We’ll see how we go with that.

Emily was dry all day and was keen to use the potty when reminded (she’s toilet training at the moment).

2010 12 24_Christmas Eve_00062010 12 24_Christmas Eve_0009

We went up to Whitford Church for their 6pm Christmas Eve service. Once again the music was a highlight, but unfortunately Emily hadn’t eaten her dinner and we  couldn’t convince her to eat her snacks so she wasn’t the happiest for the service.

2010 12 24_Christmas Eve_0014We decided to go past our new home and stopped for some Red Rooster on the way. Phill decided that we should have a picnic in our new home, which turned out to be a fun idea! It was very pleasant with the sea breeze in.

We got home around 8:30 and all 3 of us headed to bed in preparation for Christmas day.

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