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Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Day

Emily on Christmas morningToday Emily slept in until 8am, and then we opened up her stocking presents (that arrived in a red sack complete with Dora in her lovely Spanish costume). The broom and bubble mixture were definite favourites, and of course she couldn’t wait to try on the clothes she received. She seemed keen to play with the things she opened rather than move on to the next present.
Grandma and Grandad S went off to church and Emily had a sleep. Meanwhile Phill and I worked on opening up our stocking gifts. As usual it was filled to overflowing with the traditional novelties, breakfast cereals, chocolates (this year I ate my first marshmallow santa), several pairs of undies (a Shanhun tradition!), tshirts, stationery and other goodies all wrapped individually!
I love this photo! Mum S loves Tetris, much to Dad's dismay!After church, Steve, Phill, Mum, Dad and I all opened our presents. Mum got a Wii Tetris game much to Dad’s dismay! Emily woke with a start, and we gave her a little snack before she opened her pressie from Elizabeth, a little letter box which she loved.
We were just on our way out when Les, Woo and Stan arrived for lunch (Along with the dogs Ali-May and Asha).
Phill, Emily and I headed up to lunch with Mum and Dad O, Michael, Lauren, John and Caitlin. We had a traditional Grandma Kerr style roast sausagemeat with all the yummy vegies.
2010 12 25_Christmas 2010_0125After lunch we exchanged gifts. Emily loved her little book and Jemima doll (the Playschool doll – but dressed as a ballerina!). Well, she loved all her pressies, but I think these were her favourites. This year Mum also had a stocking for us (my felt stocking filled by Father Christmas each year to open before brekkie. This year she included some glow in the dark West Coast Eagles baubles for Phill, a snow globe for Emily and some gorgeous, more traditional baubles for me.
After our gift exchange some of us had a nap, while the others played Cait’s new cheerleading game for the Wii and had Christmas pudding with custard. This reminded me of 2006 when we spotted something odd about the custard packaging! (compare the 2 below)
Emily shows off her new backpack to AshaAfter Emily woke up we headed back home to Foss St for the gift exchange with Mum and Dad S, Steve, Les, Woo and Stan. After a few more presents, Emily was quite tired. She seemed intent on getting into the Little People Animalville Schoolhouse herself! So we decided it was time for bed and would open the presents another day, when she was a little less tired.
All in all it was a enjoyable, if hot (38degrees) Christmas day.
How was your Christmas?

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