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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Cards

Now that I’ve posted our Christmas cards, I can share it with everyone here!
After much deliberation we decided to go with the Gorgeous White Ribbon Christmas 5x7 folded card and a photo of Emily from October, in a handmade dress that was lovingly made for me by the Save the Children ladies over 25 years ago.
Gorgeous White Ribbon Christmas 5x7 folded card
Get custom photo Christmas cards online at Shutterfly.com.
View the entire collection of cards.
2010 has been an eventful year for our little family. In January we purchased one of the last few blocks of land in the established part of Woodvale (north of Perth) with the hope of building our own home. In March we signed up with Dale Alcock builders and in October the slab went down. We are hopeful the roof will be on by Christmas.
Emily celebrated her first birthday on the 2nd of June and continues to delight us as she learns new things each day, this year she has gone from sitting, to crawling, to walking, to talking (she has a dozen or so words so far).
During 2010 we were blessed with many visitors to Kalgoorlie (some from as far afield as Bendigo) and some visits to Perth. Phill travelled to Sydney and Brisbane for work so Emily and I took the opportunity to stay with family and catch up with friends in Perth while Phill was away in July.
After 6 years in Kalgoorlie, Phill was offered a position as High Voltage Electrical Engineer at Mineral Engineering Technical Service a consulting firm in Perth. So in November we moved to Perth and are staying with Phill's parents while our home is completed.
Melissa is continuing to care for Emily at home and also is tutoring in Records Management and other related subjects for Edith Cowan University, working from home.
2011 will no doubt be another exciting adventure as we settle back into Perth life and move into our new home.
We’d love to hear from you!


Geoffwilletts said...

How was your experience with Dale Alcock

Melissa Shanhun said...

We were really happy with them. Nearly 6 months since we moved in and we are still pleased with the job they did.


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