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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Join me in Embracing Imperfection

I’ve just received the first instalment of this free (yes, it’s free!) two week class by Karen Grunberg. I’ve not even finished watching the presentation and I’m loving it already! So much to apply to my scrapbooking and life in general I think.

Here’s more about the class from Big Picture:

Embrace Imperfection

" Have no fear of perfection - you'll never reach it."
Salvador Dali

Many people never create the layouts they dream of creating because they are paralyzed by the fear of imperfection. They think that if their photos aren't technically excellent, their words aren't just right, or they use the wrong colors, their layout will not be worth creating. A voice in their head tells them the page is not perfect, the photo is less than ideal, and the papers are not lined up properly. They cannot stop the feelings of inadequacy from creeping into their mind and so they stare at one embellishment as they try to decide where to place it…for hours…days. Sometimes they even walk away permanently.

Is this sounding at all familiar to you? Think of all the stories that are never told, all because you aren't sure where to place an embellishment. Because you can't tell that voice in your head to "take a hike!" Because you compare yourself to an ideal that simply does not exist. It's time to squash that voice and embrace imperfection.

In Karen Gurnberg's free two week class, she will teach tangible ways to get around the most common cases of imperfection with tips and tricks to work with each problem: imperfect photos, hand-journaling, choosing embellishments, laying things out on the page, lining items up, color use, trying new things, making a mess with ink and sprays, using rub-ons and stamps. It's time to learn why you should embrace imperfection in each of these areas.

I’d love to see you in the class and it is not to late to register, you have until the 16th of February.

If you decide to register at Big Picture using my link and purchase your first class, we'll both receive a code for 10% off** our next order. Of course you can always just sign up and select from one of the free classes.

I am blogging about my progress in the classes I’m working on over at Big Picture. So stay tuned people!


**Disclaimer: For each new account created with your Registration Code as a "friend", a 10% off code will be issued once the new account has purchased one class. Code will be available under "My Rewards". 10% off code can be used towards Self-Paced classes and Workshops. Code cannot be used towards gift certificate purchases. Melissa’s registration code is D952F179 - or click on http://www.bigpictureclasses.com/register.php?refer=D952F179

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