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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Valentine's Day

2008 02 14_Valentine's Day_0011_edited-1We’ve only had 5 Valentines since being a couple, and it’s a fun excuse to remember to indulge in a little romance. In 2007 we went out the Oceanus as an early Valentines outing since Phill was in Perth In 2008, we were in the midst of moving house we went to the Palace in Kalgoorlie. 2009 we were expecting Emily and spent the night with Natalie, Lauren and Cait at the Fab Four outdoor concert in Kalgoorlie. In 2010 we spent the day with Phill’s parents and went out to dinner with them on the 15th to Rydges in Kal, where Emily sampled her first steak while teething!

Emily enjoying her first steak–and posing to wait for the camera flash!
This year was a little different, I was running errands at the shops and administering anti-biotics to a sick little girl. This year I didn’t consult Katie’s excellent guide to the holiday, I didn’t have a card prepared and I didn’t even pull out my red dress (the picture below is from 2008 – the I love you is written in pegs). We spent the evening with the Okelys and we enjoyed dinner and dessert being made for us! I received a gorgeous puzzle card though!
ALIA DinnerI’m sure 2012 will bring yet another new and different Valentine's Day to our collection!
Much love to my Valentine!
(Photo at left from September 2006)
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