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Monday, February 7, 2011

New 52–Battle of the Facial Cleansers

CLINIQUE by Clinique Liquid Facial Soap Mild 6F37--/6.7OZThis week I’m saving the family budget a few dollars by using up a sample of Alpha Keri wash instead of either Phisohex (I hear it’s only available on prescription in some areas) or Clinique Liquid facial soap. I've also saved myself a shopping trip.

So far I’ve been happy with Alpha Keri, the texture is similar to the Clinique one my skin is still clear despite the stress of an upset baby (well toddler now I guess!) and Phill being away.

Oh and in not so good news for my productivity I found Entanglement! It’s a fun game where you need to create the longest possible path around a board. Thanks for pointing out this game Google Chrome!

Learn more about the New 52 challenge here. I’m finding that looking out for new experiences is helping me appreciate that my life is full of variety. What new things have you tried this week?
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