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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

December Daily complete!

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After a few hectic days and nights with Phill returning from Argentina and Emily being sick I can finally let you all know I’ve completed and ordered my 2010 December Daily book.
I completed 17 pages to complete my book in less than a week, using my notes in my Memory Logbook and blog to fill in the details. I even did 6 pages one day! Lain Ehmann would be proud! Go ME!
I used a limited range of supplies and a template/base page design, and if I came up with a page I loved, I just rotated or altered it and reused it. I didn’t do a page for everyday and I did more than 1 page for some days. I’m thrilled with the result and can’t wait for Shutterfly to post it out to me!

If you like how I put together my book – I was inspired by Katie’s post at the Daily DigiHow to Narrow it Down with Thin Slicing and Noell’s article – How to Get More Impact with Less Effort.
For the actual conversion of 12x12 layouts to 8x8 Shutterfly book and to create the cover I used Wendyzine’s Shutterfly Toolkit: 8x8 version 2.0. To split my two page spreads I used her Action: Crop it.
Shutterfly Toolkit: 8x8 v2.0
I did have grand plans to put together my 2009 book at the same time, as I’ve got the photos and journalling done. But that didn’t happen. Not to worry! I’ve got the paper version from my Holidays in Hand class so it can wait. Or just be in paper form for good.
I’d love you to link me up to your December Daily or other project that you are proud to have completed!
Keep visiting my blog because I’ll be sharing a little more about my book and how I can help you create your own soon.
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Diane Herman said...

it is veeery tempting to do a digi version. This is wonderful :)


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