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Sunday, August 14, 2011

On the third stroke...

At the third stroke, the time will be 7:45am. Beep Beep Beep
What fun we had circa 1998 with that! We lived in a newish development where power was often going off as new homes were built or just because there were blackouts. When the power came back on we would have to reset quite a few clocks. Occasionally we were allowed to ring 1194, put the phone on speaker and then run around the house setting all the clocks.

I also love watching the clock at London Court in Perth

Always on Time...At the decorative Hay Street Mall entrance, a blue-faced clock chimes every quarter of an hour. The clock face is a replica of one of the dials in the clock tower that houses Big Ben in London. To the left of the clock, near one of the turrets, visitors can see the name of the Court's plasterer engraved into the plasterwork.
Above the clock four knights, known as "Tournament of Armoured Knights", circle in the window when the clock chimes. Another clock is located at the St Georges Terrace entrance. Above this clock, in a window, is a miniature St George doing battle with the dragon. Both the clocks are replicas of the "Great Clock" of Rouen, France.
These days there are only a few clocks in our home that don't automatically keep themselves on time, and I'm sure that setting the time will not be a common occurance for Emily!

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