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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Compliment a Day

I’ve had a few people ask about the compliment a day that I used to do as a teenager (for several years actually, I consciously did try).

As a teenager, I gave out lots of compliments to my friends outfits or hair styles, but also tried to be appreciative of people’s special talents. I even tried to find some thing positive to write most weeks about the service in our Church communication cards.

I have to admit I did better at giving compliments when I was out than at home!

I found that a lot of people find compliments hard to deal with (in Australia we are notoriously self-deprecating!) and at that time in my life I felt the odd one out by responding with a simple ‘thankyou’ to compliments I received.

Some people still feel that I’m insincere or trying to get something out of them by giving them a compliment, I try to ignore it an perhaps just tone down the compliments in future. Of course my compliments are sincere and I truly hope people don’t get the wrong end of the stick!

Over the past 15years I’ve consciously tried to get into a habit of speaking positive words to gain a smile, rather than being sarcastic to gain a laugh from others.

In some ways, I think it did help me form a habit of looking for the positive in most situations.

One thing I ask – when you receive a compliment, take it on face value, smile and say thankyou!


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