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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

December Daily: Day 18-20 Digest Edition

Things have been busy over the weekend and I’ve been quite sick (in bed for 5 hours today!)

Here’s a quick summary:


Emily stuck about 20 stamps together, while we slept I managed to rescue about 17/18 of them!

Phill and I helped out a Pebbles

I was in bed for the arvo, meanwhile Phill made pasties for tea (YUM!)

Carols in the Park – so much fun with both sets of grandparents and about 12 000+ people

Turns out that Emily’s age group wasn’t singing on stage (she got given the music by someone thinking she was in the older group!), so she kept asking when it was time for her to go on stage.

20111218 Christmas Carols 16

View of the Park – stage is glow to the left

20111218 Christmas Carols 19

Fried Potato ‘Christmas Tree’ – Yummy!

20111218 Christmas Carols 25

John hard at work – we traditionally sit just in from of his camera.

20111218 Christmas Carols 31


Digital scrapbooking webinar in the morning, Mum O and Emily played with the iPad on loan from Mum S.

Can you spin Mummy?
No, I can't spin at the moment Emily
Come with me, to my room, I'll teach you how to spin!

The Fathering Project Meeting

Phill and I wrapped Emily’s presents.


Present from Woo and Stan in the mail today,

Can I open it?

Not today, when do you think you will be able to open it?

On Christmas!

Emily and Mummy wrapped Daddy’s presents.
We wrapped Jake's present today - Emily says “It could be his favourite!”

Working on my last few gifts to wrap.

Emily loves the wrrapping paper we chose for her gifts – she thinks the curly haired angel is her! “It’s me holding my pussycat”

Hope you are enjoying your December!


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