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Saturday, December 24, 2011

December daily: Day 24

Traditions: advent calendar eating the gingerbread house, going out for lunch (one point to make a line?)


Craft: More tag creating!
Decorating: Putting up Emily’s chalkboard from Uncle Peter.


We finally found our other decorations we were given last Christmas!
IMG_0063Singing: Carols with friends and family tonight.

Eating: Froot loops for breakfast (Phill couldn’t wait till tomorrow, and I wasn’t going to argue!), club sandwich, beef burger, vegemite sandwich, chai latte, coke and water for lunch, mango smoothie for arvo tea and fresh home baked bread for tea.

Organising: Our plan of attack for tomorrow so Emily won't be too overwhelmed

Watching: The Playschool concert

Giving: wrapping and labelling the last presents

Buying: milk and fruit and most importantly chalk!

Realising: I love doing church on Christmas eve.

Listening: To the whiny carols playing in Woollies. The Season's Angry Birds theme.

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