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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

December Daily: Day 6

The story today is all about Reindeer. He was a true favourite of Emily’s at 6 months, he came with a Christmas suit I bought at Target Kalgoorlie.

See him on the windowsill?

2009 12 07_Window gazing 6 months_0003

In 2010 he was packed away in storage. I never expected that he would be so well loved when he reappeared among the decorations.

Helping Emily get to sleep.

20111203 Sleeping with Reindeer 01

Waiting for Mummy to wake up from her afternoon nap.

20111205 Reindeer waiting 01

20111205 Reindeer waiting 02

In other news the weather today was the wettest December day on record.


So much lightning the airport was closed all day!

20111206 Storm 01

And out new marquee didn’t really drain as well as it might have! Mum came an helped me empty it out before it was totally destroyed.20111206 Storm 03

Craft: Finished the advent calendar today!

Singing: Away in a Manger (Emily can mostly sing the 1st verse!)

Dancing: As always.

Eating: Pies and salad to clear our the freezer ready for the party.

Organising: Christmas cards – printed them and wrote the Christmas letter.

Watching: Emily on the Bunnings play equipment. The Mentalist, while Phill was out with friends.

20111206 Bunning Playground 0320111206 Bunning Playground 0420111206 Bunning Playground 05

Listening: “Mummy, Spot is all wet!”(He swam in the pool! So did Emily at about 4:30 once the rain stopped!)


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Jane said...

love the way you are recording everything, I'm a great fan of The Mentalist too.

Katie Scott said...

Oh my goodness your kids are cute :)  Great Photos!


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