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Sunday, December 4, 2011

December Daily: Day 3

20111203 Christmas Tree 05

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Traditions: Explaining the Nativity Scene to Emily at Joondalup shops.

20111203 Joondalup shops 01

Craft: Scrapbooking my Dec Daily Smile

Decorating: Got the lights working! Added a star to our tree for the first time!

20111203 Christmas Tree 02

Singing: Angels we have heard on high

Homemaking: Finishing the padded pelmets for our home. Phill put compost around the garden too.

Watching: Cricket and Peppa Pig.

Buying: A few clothing essentials and Emily’s Christmas dress for this year. Also a trip to Woolies for groceries

Eating: Phill cooked breakky – scrambled eggs on toast. Sharing a donut at the shops. Steak diane and veggie mornay with garlic bread for tea.

20111203 Joondalup shops 05

Realising: How little cash I carry when the EFTPOS is down at Woolies. On a hot day (at 18 weeks pregnant too) I decided paid the $1.50 to withdraw money at NAB, rather than walk around to Westpac with Emily.

Sleeping: A few extra hours this afternoon, so perhaps that’s why I have a little less to say!

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Katie Scott said...

I listened to your podcasts yesterday - they are awesome - keep them coming :)

Ellie A said...

I've finally gotten to listening to your podcasts HOW WONDERFUL.. taking notes thank you so much for doing so. Love your picture of the nativity scene it's BEAUTIFUL we have to head into the city (NY) to see one that size at St. Patrick's Church which we were planning to do next week.  :)

Rjanenicol said...

gorgeous photos

Melissa Shanhun said...

Thanks Ellie! :) I'm glad you are enjoying them! 3 more lined up this week!

Melissa Shanhun said...

Thanks Katie - I love to hear from listeners! :) Let me know if you have anything you'd like me to cover.


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