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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 2011!

Pizza HutYesterday was a quiet day at home while Mum and Dad S headed off to Brookton for the day. We had planned pizza’s for dinner from a local shop, but of course they and the other option weren’t open for new year’s eve. Phill was thrilled to suggest we went with Pizza Hut, as he has a soft spot for them! Smile After eating dinner with Les, Woo and Stan (and Mum and Dad) and watching a Very Specky Christmas we headed off to a New Years Eve Party.
We saw in the new year with Phill’s friends from Claremont Baptist days, and I caught up with a few people I’d not seen in a long while. I couldn’t believe I managed to stay up until 12 with ease, after last year where my cousin’s wife Esther and I were well and truly ready for bed!
Emily with her gifts
Today we took a photo of Emily with her presents under the tree, and now all the decorations are coming down and the presents are getting tidied up around here.
I’ve not quite finished selecting my word for the year, but I’m working on it, I’m tossing up a few:
  • grow
  • small steps (yes, that’s 2 words!)
  • bloom
Any thoughts?
Wishing you every blessing for 2011!

1 comment:

Stacy Simpson said...

Bloom jumps out at me - keep thinking on it - it will come to you!


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