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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Get-it-done Guy style wardrobe organisation for small spaces

After 6 years of wearing uniforms (aka prison clothes as Phill fondly referred to them!), Phill’s finally wearing office clothes regularly which is great, he enjoys being able to avoid work boots and thick cotton fire-retardant clothing for a change. The only problem is the in our ‘apartment’ we don’t have a lot of space, and the hanging space is in Emily’s room.

I remembered a tip from the Get it done Guy on how to organise your clothes. His example below.

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA           So how could we implement this in our room? I thought what about hanging them on the back of our door? So we headed off to Kmart and bought an over door hanger. Then we just spend some time on the weekend planning his outfits and hook the shirts over the top of the matching trouser hangers. I can even clip the socks onto the matching trousers to avoid Phill hunting around in the dark. Works for us!

Thanks Get it Done Guy!

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