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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lego–Many memories

Water Close UpI had to laugh when Emily’s Lego Club magazine arrived with the Spinjitsu logo on the envelope. It reminded me of my dad who did jujitsu for a short while – he made it to a half-yellow belt. (I’m sure ScrappyJedi will be giggling at this point!) My dad also had an infatuation with Ask a Ninja. Maybe there’s a theme here?
My brothers have a huge collection of lego they’ve collected over the years, and I got my fair share too, I like anything that include mini-figs with hair! Castle, Ambulance and Bellville sets amongst them.
Lego Show 2005 014John meets R2D2I can’t tell you the countless hours we spent playing with Lego, creating scenes, trying to make something useful out of helicopter windscreens, sorting them by colour and size into margarine containers and hardware drawers, and even once washing ALL of our Lego and Duplo in warm soapy water – after our blocks were getting dusty. It looks like new! and then Daniel also worked on creating 3D renderings of our models in POV ray and we’d visit Myer’s Lego Action shows when we could (photos here from 2003 and 2005).
Lego - retrieving treasure box, Mr BonesView from entryIso view of display cabinetSome of our earliest digital camera photos are of Lego scenes via Dad’s work’s camera. In October 2000 I created a sea-themed library display at a local boy’s school as an assignment for uni and Michael supplied the Aquanauts, boats and various bits and pieces. The boys at the school were keen to join in, and brought their models in to school too.
More recently my brother’s have collected all the Lego Bionicle movies and even got a game or two. Phill loves his Lego Starwars game. There seems to be no end to their branding opportunities, but I truly prefer the unbranded, multiuse sets, where your imagination can run free and you can match up the colours of the bricks! There used to be only one shade of each colour back in the day!
2010 03 17_Emily lego_0002I guess we are starting Emily a little early, but I’m sure she’ll love Lego too – just so many imaginative possibilities.
Do you have a favourite Lego memory?
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