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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

New52- Watching Playschool

TailsEmily is really starting to enjoy Playschool, plus since she’s now sleeping later in the morning she actually is awake for it to come on at 9:30am. Today she sat in her Bumbo chair and watched the whole episode.
She commentates on the introduction “balloon, Teddy, Mima, Humpty, door” and then sits with a look of great concentration and occasionally joins in with actions and songs. I will capture it one day I’m sure!
Other times during the day she says “plays” and is keen to watch the afternoon edition too if Mummy remembers!
I have watched Playschool for too many years – probably over 20! Even when I was too old for it, I enjoyed the stories, and following the antics of the presenters. One thing that does bug me is that the presenters don’t always introduce themselves any more. I wonder why? I spend the whole episode trying to pick up on their names! Aah well, I’m sure I’ll know them all in no time!
Learn more about the New 52 challenge here. I’m finding that looking out for new experiences is helping me appreciate that my life is full of variety. What new things have you tried this week?
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