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Sunday, March 6, 2011


Mum-mium-mium by mshanhun
Mum-mium-mium a photo by mshanhun on Flickr.
Just a quick post to share a recent page I created for the Daily Digi for their Challenge.
This is the song I hear from you everyday lately. You are talking so much now and can say most one and two syllable words so that we can understand you. You are stringing words together. You are learning new things everyday, like how to sleep in the car (first time in over a year you’ve done that!) and how to blow bubbles. You love animals, love seeing all your extended family. You love swimming, and you love to wear ‘pretty’ clothes. You have lots of dresses and you like to tell me if you decide you need jeans or shoes or a clip in your hair to complete your look. You are amazing!

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