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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

27 December 2010

2010 12 27_Dinner with Les Stan Woo_0023

Celebrating last Monday today!

Today Phill, Steve, John and Dad O started work on the retaining walls at our new home. I’m so thankful that he had helpers especially as it was a 40.7 degree day. Phill tried out his new hat, but forgot sunscreen on his face and neck, so suffered a bit for that! They ended up getting all the postholes dug, but only 4 posts in. Considering the weather it was a good effort.

After many busy days and nights Emily and I stayed home. Emily opened up a couple more presents including a watering can, which is a firm favourite!

That night we went around to Les’ for a barbeque on her new WeberQ, We had lovely Thai Chicken Balls, Chang Oriental Fried Noodle Salad and fresh fruit salad and a Cassata. It was a lovely evening with a bit of a breeze. Emily also got to open up the last couple of Christmas presents, looking stylish in her Winnie the Pooh Dress from Kath. E2010 12 27_Dinner with Les Stan Woo_0028mily tested out Asher’s dog door! She went to sleep in her portacot perfectly despite a new location, but unfortunately sleeping in the car is still outside her skill set!

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