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Friday, January 28, 2011

New52–Housesitting Edition

This past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind. Firstly we were housesitting for some friends, so we had Emily, a dog, bird and too guinea pigs to care for.Emily LOVED the animals. The first words each morning we were there were dog, bird and then after a few minutes… pigs. I enjoyed the routine of extra walks with the dog.

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA           Emily loved the guinea pigsEmily loved the guinea pigs

Rainbow lorikeet in Victoria, Australia.

Rainbow Lorikeet image via Wikipedia

Emily once let the bird out, so I pegged the cage shut and we were able to return all the pets to the owners in one piece… I must get some photos from Lauren on this one!

Secondly, Phill got shipped off to Argentina on Saturday night (we found out on the Wednesday before he was leaving), for a yet to be determined length of time. He’s been gone for just under a week and I’ve hardly had time to miss him amongst caring for Emily, the pets, teaching digital scrapbooking, moving back to our ‘apartment’ and organising bits and pieces for our new home.

Oh and a funny story. Phill put his work clothes into one of the girls wardrobes and then we took them back to our ‘apartment’ before he flew out on Saturday. However before we left the house I was going through each room to check we’d got everything. In checking this same wardrobe to see that all Phill’s clothes were gone, I noticed that one of the girls had the same dress as me (no biggie, it was just a Kmart dress) and she had it on a hanger with the same Temt cardigan and I had. Wow, that’s amazing I thought, and said so to my sister who was helping me out. The next day Cait got a message saying she’d left a dress at the house. Sure enough it WAS my dress and I’d just forgotten I’d brought it as Phill must had hung it up on the first day we arrived!

But back to my new things for the last 2 weeks. I learnt:

  • How to care for a fruit eating bird.
  • That although I enjoy the daily tweeting of a Rainbow Lorikeet, some people find it annoying.
  • That internet speed in the Argentine Andes is better than the mobile phone coverage.
  • My husband is (despite his assertion to the contrary) quite a writer, his daily trip summary is touching, funny and helps me feel like he’s not so far away.

Learn more about the New 52 challenge here.I’m finding that looking out for new experiences is helping me appreciate that my life is full of variety. What new things have you tried?

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