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Monday, January 31, 2011

Handmade Card–Stamps and Glitter

My 20th - 001
I wanted to share with you card I created for my sister (and I also sent my cousin a similar one) I was so excited to get using my new Martha Stewart glitterI got for Christmas and I’d had a major score of 50% off stamps from Spotlight.
This year I’m heading back through my archives of cards and highlighting them on my blog with a short description of how I made it and links to similar products so you can try your hand at it (yes, I’m looking at you digi-scrappers!)
If you want to follow along here's a link to some equivalent products. As I make cards from my stash, quite a lot of items are discontinued.
Make it my way using
  1. Ink up the stamp using various colours
  2. Stamp Smile 
  3. Roll some adhesive dots from your dot roller on the heart and flowers and glitter (rub off the excess with your
  4. Layout the letter remove the paper behind the bits have overlap
  5. Glitter the letters on by one
  6. Admire your handiwork and tidy up the glitter!
  7. Take a photo
  8. Write, address and post! Smile
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