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Friday, July 29, 2011

An Unexpected Call: Day 4 #weekinthelife

What a day! A quick summary:

  • Doctors to get on cancellation list
  • Woollies (including playing on the fire engine
  • Playgroup (Emily used the chalk with her left hand the whole time!)
  • Working on One Little Word book
  • Playdough dinosaurs
  • Washing out and back in before the storm
  • Writing several articles
  • Finishing and uploading a scrapbook album

Today we were so excited to find out that Phill had internet access at the mine site and Emily was thrilled to see him on Skype! Phill gets back on Friday, so it will be great to see him then.

Quote of the Day

Hands are rainy! (Emily after wiping her hands over the condensation on the sliding door)

Favourite Photo

Video call snapshot 2

Video of the Day

Watch Emily singing to her dough-a-saurs

Emily just loved the dough-a-saurs I made for her.

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1 comment:

Naomi said...

Melissa love your photos and documenting your week.


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