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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Tindals Cres Album: Digital Scrapbooking Inspiration

I'm just sharing a book I created in 2008-2009 about our renovations at our old house in Kalgoorlie.
These pages are filled with memories!

Some double-page layout inspiration for digital scrapbookers.

From the Creative forum discussion today :)

Do you do two-pagers? A LOT! About 1/2 of my pages are two pagers!
Do you primarily create two-pagers because you have too many photos for a single? Yes
If you used to do them, but have stopped, why? I do more spur of the moment pages lately or whole albums at a time with one kit and set of templates.
If you do them now, and have always done them, do you do more, or fewer than before? Less now - but I've done about 30 sets in the last 4 years!
For 8 1/2 x 11 scrappers, have you ever done horizontal two pagers? Or for that matter, do you ever turn your single page so it's designed horizontally?
I scrap mostly 12x12 12 but my 2009 Year in Review album is 8.5x11 horizontal format
Do you design your two-pagers as a single unit, or two separate pages with a similar look & theme? At first i did them seperately by thises days I'll often scrap them together.
Share your experiences posting two-pagers online... do you find it more difficult & hard to see? Have you discovered secrets for online sharing of your two-pagers? I tend to share them together, but yes they look tiny online. That's why I love Flickr! :) Bigger pictures.

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