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Friday, July 1, 2011

One Little Word July OLW blog hop

Xnomads' Blog

Welcome to to my stop on the One Little Word blog hop. If you’ve come from Amanda’s blog welcome! The full list of blogs is at the end of this post.
Ali sends out monthly emails with a prompt for the month and you just complete it as you are inspired to throughout the month. Did you know that the One Little Word class is still open? You still have plenty of time to catch up or why not just jump in with this month’s prompt?
This month I finished off my April pages, worked on May and June. I don't feel behind, but rather that the whole album is evolving over time.
My April note to self is now in a cute little folder. We now have a printer so the May pages are getting added to the album. As for June – I did one larger canvas rather than the smaller ones. I worked on it over the past 5 days (Some of which was done in the car!Sneaking some art in on the way to church!). I’m just going to have to work out how to get it into my album now! You’ll have to see that next month!
Masking the design Initial pencil work Adding water
Adding water More pencil work Complete! Posted by Picasa
For the tools I used see this post about my art journalling.     
You can see bigger versions by clicking on the thumbnails or viewing the slideshow below.
Emily came along to help!
While working on my art journalling page Emily wanted to help!
Here's the latest slideshow of my One Little Word album:
Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.
Did you know we have a OLW flickr group? Join us here
For more posts about my One Little Word adventure:
Want more? Check out Monica B’s blog
Here’s the rest of the stops:- they should be up from 8am PST on the 1st of July.
Thanks again to Margie for organising this hop!

Happy hopping!
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Rebekah said...

Very pretty pages!  Love your slideshow!  A neat way to display everything.

scrapmom said...

Love the peek at your canvas.  Can not wait to see the whole thing. 

Cheri Andrews said...

great presentation - can tell you enjoyed the process!

Lisa said...

Lovely canvases!

Kathryn said...

My word is also GROW!  Thanks for the slideshow so we could watch your page "Grow" and thanks for reminding me I have a bottle of masking fluid somewhere I should really get out and use!

Jenifer Locke said...

I love your slideshow! You have some really wonderful pages so far. I can't wait to see what your next.

Learncreatedo said...

Love the slideshow of your OLW album progress. Cute video of Emily helping too.

Margie S (Xnomads) said...

I love seeing your entire album in the slideshow - great touch. And this month's artwork is beautiful. Such pretty colors.

jill conyers said...

Love the slideshow! A great glimpse of your OLW.

Nikki said...

The slide show is very clever - you ar such a computer whizz - oh how I wish I was.  Great job so far.

jamie pate said...

looks like your book is coming along.
the colors are very pretty.
eager to see next month.


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