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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Unexpected Arrival: Day 5 #weekinthelife

Emily and I got up and dressed ready for crafting fun. I had a webinar to go to and made fruit mince pies for the Christmas Craft Party.

Emily played quite well with the little on at Craft Group, and I got more scraps die cut for future project while chatting to friends.

When I got home I saw an email from Phill this sent morning to say he’s coming home early! He thought he’s be in my 9pm. YAY! I cleaned the house and downloaded the photos before Emily woke from her sleep.

Mum and Dad S and Skib came over for tea – Thai from the local. Emily had fun playing with them and I tried to trick Skib’s new phone’s swype – on Supercalifragilistic could confuse it. Cool phone!what is swype?

I also got my first rubber stamp (Hero arts!) all the way from the US from Skib Smile Thanks!

Phill was a little later than expected due to the storms we’ve been having in Perth. In the end the pilot had to circle Perth airport for an hour, but he eventually got home around 11pm. (No photo – I didn’t think he’d appreciate it!)

Quote of the Day

Aunty Skib!

Favourite Photo

20110728 Week in the life day 5 01-2

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