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Sunday, July 3, 2011

New52: 8 Gigs of RAM!

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA           Last week I headed over to PLE computers and helped myself to 8Gb of RAM for my aging Dell XPS 420.
Open up the case, install the RAM start it up and boom – press F5 to continue into the setup. Oh dear! Of course I had my trusty Microsoft Entertainment keyboard 7000 which is Bluetooth, and last time I checked my BIOS doesn’t support Bluetooth. Not to worry I’m cleaning out our stash of computer junk and there’s keyboard right here. Oh, it is PS2, so that won’t work. After climbing into the roof twice I realised I’d lent my keyboard to Lauren. Not to worry, I just rang Phill and got him to bring one home from work. Since out other Bluetooth keyboard already lives there the IT guy didn’t mind us taking one home!
In the mean time I switched of my PC and thought, hmm I wonder what will happen when I turn it back on again. Voila, Windows loads as if nothing has happened. Everything just runs a little speedier now Smile
I’m doing to reinstall the computer onto a new Samsung 2TB drive over the weekend – wish me luck! (This time I have the keyboard at the ready!). Oh and I only paid $14 more to buy it from the local shop than Amazon is selling it for!

Now we are past half way in the year I’m still going strong with the New 52 challenge, thanks for running it Peppermint & Christine! I’m finding that looking out for new experiences is helping me appreciate that my life even more. I have to say I have many more draft posts, just waiting for me to finish them! Read more New 52 posts:
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